Front End Engineer

About the company

Simple Systems is a software company. Our mission is to deliver simple solutions for complex problems.

About the job

As a front end engineer, your mission is to create meaningful web interfaces. You’ll work with project leaders and back end engineers to bring projects to life.


  • Work with project leaders to gain understanding of their vision
  • Bring that vision to the web
  • Work with backend engineers to connect services to the UI
  • Own the code you write
  • Review code from other front end engineers
  • Suggest improvements throughout codebase
  • Be open to suggestions for your code


  • Ownership mentality: Take responsibility for what you do.
  • Clear communication: Software engineering is a team process. Be able to communicate with teammates.
  • Constant learning: Keep up to date on technologies.
  • Lazy programming: Think before you code.
  • Testing: Unit tests are a must. Testing logic is important too.
  • Documentation: Other engineers should be able to pick up your code without hassle.
  • Currently we use Vue.js, but are more concerned with fundamentals than specific technology.


Email a resume and brief description about yourself to